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 "A funny thing happened on the way to the forum" - actionability in the United Kingdom of infringements of intellectual property rights committed abroad
SA-Intellectual Property Quarterly
1999Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "A long time ago, in a galaxy far away ..." : Star Wars empire strikes back
Phillips, Nick.
SA-Copyright World
2008Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "Business logic" software copyright infringement : Navitaire Inc -v- easyJet Airline Company and BulletProof Technologies Inc
Morton, Jeremy.
2005Artikkeli / Lehtileike
 "Business logic"? Business as usual! : Implications of Navitaire v Easyleft
Cunningham, Nick.
SA-Copyright World
2005Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "Database right: a win for a first-time runner" : The British Horceracing Board Ltd and others v William Hill Organization Ltd, high court of England & Wales, chancery division, patents court, Laddie J, February 9, 2001
SA-Copyright World
2001Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "Fascinating and absorbing ... a great, riveting read"
Groves, Peter.
SA-Entertainment Law Review
2006Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "Invalid legislation"? : The strange effect of the enterprise and regulatory reform act 2013 and the copyright omnishambles
Johnson, Phillip.
2013Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "Let the Music Move" : All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music urges UK Government to Help Musicians and Crew Tour Europe More Easily
Cohen, Marlon, kirjoittaja.
SA-Entertainment Law Review
2022Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "Mod chip" despatched with additional damages: Sony Computer Entertainment v. Paul Owen & Others
SA-Entertainment Law Review
2002Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 "Mrs Henderson Presents" the sequel: the court of appeal
Darnley, Aredhel.
SA-Entertainment Law Review
2010Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1