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 Africa’s been raided enough : Collateral damage to intellectual property systems and alternatives to obtain value
Schultz, Aurelia J., kirjoittaja.
2017Artikkeli / Lehtileike
 African entrepreneurs lead the way in climate change adaptation
Astruc, Maëli.
2016Artikkeli / Lehtileike
 Building an African digital content industry
Twumasi, George.
2016Artikkeli / Lehtileike
 Comparing the Effectiveness of Intellectual Property Laws and Enforcement in Nigeria and South Africa : Lessons Learned and Best Practices for the African Continent
Itanyi, Nkem, kirjoittaja.
2023Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 Confusion, unfair competition and legal action in OAPI countries
Lowe Gnintedem, Patrick Juvet, kirjoittaja.
2024Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 Copyright Law Protection of films in Nigeria (Nollywood) and South Africa (Sollywood) : Pre and post-Covid-19 pandemic
Kouletakis, Jade, kirjoittaja.
2023Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 Decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal; 16 September 2016. Case No. 886/2015. English-Afrikaans Dictionaries : Media 24 Books (PTY) Ltd v. Oxford University Press Southern Africa (PTY) Ltd.; Copyright Act 98 of 1978, Secs. 6 and 23(1).
2017Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 Decolonising Intellectual Property Law in Pursuit of Africa's Development
Ncube, Caroline B.
SA-The WIPO Journal
2016Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 Enforcement of intellectual property rights in Africa
Ferguson, Vanessa.
2015Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1
 Extraterritorial human rights obligations to “civilize” intellectual property law : access to textbooks in Africa, copyright, and the right to education
Beiter, Klaus D.
2020Artikkeli / Lehtileike 1 / 1